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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Pocket Chart Activities (Color Word Sentences)

Hello everyone! I don't know about you, but literacy centers are an important part of my daily routine in my kindergarten classroom. Items you put in your literacy center can cover such a wide range of skills throughout the year. Literacy centers usually include items that the students consider "fun," and they really don't even consider it work which is a great "win" for the teacher. Students are having fun and learning at the same time.

I was hoping to get this teaching resource up and going in my classroom and take photos of it in action before I posted it, but with all of this beginning of the year testing, I didn't get that accomplished. Hopefully you can imagine it in use.

This Pocket Chart Activity for Color Word Sentences is great for a literacy center or for students who finish their work early during the BACK TO SCHOOL season. These sentences focus on color words (red, green, brown, blue, purple, yellow, orange, black, and white) and the sight words "the" and "is." 

Creating or unscrambling each sentence helps the students focus on looking for the capital letter for the first word in the sentence and looking for the ending punctuation mark for the last word. The words that go together to make a complete sentence all have the same picture on the card. Also, each sentence has the words written in matching colors so that students can sort the cards by color/picture and then put the sentence in the correct order by finding the capital letter and ending punctuation mark.


After the students correctly unscramble each sentence, they can write the complete sentence on the recording sheet provided. This provides evidence for the teacher showing what sentences the students unscramble in the center making the students accountable for their work. A recording sheet is included for each of the nine sentences.

To use, I would print each page on cardstock, laminate for durability, cut apart, and put the cards in a Ziploc bag and put in a literacy center with a pocket chart for students to unscramble. 

***If you do not have a pocket chart, the sentences can still be used simply by having students place the words or the floor or table.

You can click on any of the photos above to access it or click HERE

I hope your students ENJOY this pocket chart activity. 

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Saturday, August 2, 2014

BACK TO SCHOOL GIVEAWAY: Morning Work Through the Year - Kindergarten (January - December)!

I can't believe summer is over and it's time for back to school or at least it is for me. I know some of you do not return until September (lucky you), but many of us are on our way back. I'm definitely going to miss setting my own schedule each day and sleeping in, but it's back to the real world on Monday! 

I thought I would have a GIVEAWAY to help get your school year started. My Morning Work Through the Year includes 20 days of morning work for the months January - December! 

Each day includes language arts and math skills. Having morning work at each student's desk when they enter helps keep them busy while learning and giving you (the teacher) a chance to get the day started by getting each student settled in, checking bookbags, taking up notes and lunch money, and any other daily routine tasks required of you.

Most of the sheets in the morning work use the same instructions so that after students get the feel of what to do, it will become automatic, and they will become independent in completing their morning work. Good luck as you enter and I hope you find this morning work useful!

I do have one Sample Freebie of my Morning Work, but it is for the month of May (end of year skills). If you would like to download it, look for the link below the Rafflecopter.

Here is my Sample Freebie Morning Work for May (end of year skills)! After downloading, please leave me some feedback on TPT to let me know how you like it. I love reading feedback from my customers. 

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