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Sunday, December 4, 2016

K-2 TEACHER GIVEAWAY! ($100.00 Walmart Gift Card)


Who wouldn't want to win a $100.00 Walmart gift card? This is a great time of the year to enter for your chance to win with Christmas right around the corner. If you are like me, you have a lot on your Walmart list for home and school. 

Simply click on the link below and enter the very short rafflecopter. It only takes a very few minutes to enter! Don't forget to send your friends over for a chance to win also! You have one week before the giveaway closes!


I hope all of you have a great last couple of weeks left in the classroom before Christmas break!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Great Deal on Fire Tablets!

I always love it when I hear about a great deal, so I am sharing with you. 

If you are an Amazon Prime Member, you can grab these Fire Tablets for $33.33, but hurry! From the way it looks, they are going fast.  These are great for using in the classroom for early finishers or center time

How do you use technology in your classroom?


Monday, June 20, 2016

Homeschool Sale & Top Picks for Free Shipping

It must be a great feeling when you are able to homeschool and work with your own personal children to make sure they are getting the academics and nurturing environment that you desire for them.

This week, one of my favorite resources for Homeschooling is having a Homeschool Sale! Get Free Shipping on all things homeschooling, road schooling, and un-schooling at Educents this week with code HOMESCHOOL16. Since it's just one use per customer, I suggest taking stock of what you have and your plans for the year so you can get Free Shipping on everything you need. Here are my top picks ranging from Science & Math to Music & Language. What do you need to stock up on?

Exclusive STEM Bundle (7 Kits)

Summer is a great time to start conducting science experiments - there is a little more space outside for a mess! This exclusive bundle at has seven kits for utterly fascinated learning. Whether you have a traditional homeschool, or you're un-schooling, this is a perfect set for science. And so fun!  
 Price: $59.99 down from $109.99 plus Free Shipping get-it-now-200x60

Life of Fred Math Series

Whether you're new to Fred or you've been using his story to teach math intuitively to your littles for a few years, there's probably a new topic to cover (the series goes up until college!). This sale is a great opportunity to stock up on the next steps, whether it's multiplication, algebra or beyond. LofF 2

My Ukulele for Beginners

There are tons of instruments that kids can learn to play even at Educents, but the ukulele has such a wonderful, kid-friendly sound. This is a great instrument and a strong program for beginners learning their first notes. emedia_music_corporation_myukulelebeginnerspackall_300dpirgb_18c4   
 Price:$49.95 down from $69.95 plus Free Shipping get-it-now-200x60

Complete Language Learning Set by PetraLingua

Studies show that kids pick up languages far quicker than adults, so it's great to get a head start when they're little. Learning a foreign language also helps kids learn about the world, and better understand important values at home within a larger context. We've chosen to learn a language from our family heritage. What would you learn?   petralingua 
 Price: $110.37 down from $137.98 plus Free Shipping get-it-now-200x60

Leap Pad 3

This kid-friendly tablet is the on-the-go homeschooling mom's best friend. Kids become fluent in technology and the subject matter with a portable, easy-to-use tool. That's a win for everyone. leappad3 
 Price: $99 plus Free Shipping get-it-now-200x60  

Famous People Freebie for Reading

Free shipping is great - and so are freebies! I like this one gearing up for Independence Day because it has famous people from US history, from George Washington to Sally Ride. Great for kiddos working on reading comprehension, and a nice supplement to social studies. famousfreebie get-it-now-200x60

 Happy Homeschooling!

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

FREEBIE Celebrating 5,000 Likes!

I’m celebrating a personal Milestone of reaching 5,000 likes on my Facebook page, Dr. Clements’ Kindergarten!! This 5 page freebie is my way of saying “Thanks” for liking and following me on Facebook!


Thanks again for your business and support! I appreciate it very much! If you are not following me on Facebook, consider doing so today. You will find notifications about New Resources, Flash Freebies, Teaching Ideas, Sale Events, and some good old Teacher Humor to help us make it through the day!

***This sampler also includes links throughout the pack to similar resources that you may find useful for your classroom. When printing, to save on ink, make sure to only print every other page (even pages). 

You can find my Facebook page HERE!

I hope you enjoy this freebie! Make sure to find my other freebies in my store!

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Memory Book (End of Year) Kindergarten

I know that many of you are already finished with your school year, but I also know that there are many who are still in school through June. I wanted to share my Memory Book that I created with all of you. My kindergarten students had so much fun completing their memory books. They especially enjoyed the autograph page. I didn't show the autograph page in action due to having names being shown. They love being able to write their names in their friend's books. Only a few pages from the book are shown below. This pack has 27 pages, but some pages are repeated due to several things such as boy/girl graphics and teacher titles (Ms., Mrs., Mr.). 

Below you will find some of the awesome feedback I received for this memory book from some of my customers.

"I absolutely loved this. Best memory book for kindergarten ever. Wish I had found it years ago!"
"So excited to use this, especially for my kiddos who don't purchase a yearbook!"
"This looked amazing to display at my graduation for my kiddies! Thank You."
"This was just what I needed! I loved all the different page options that were available. It allowed me to put together a little memory book that made sense for my class."
"Just the type of memory book that I was looking for! I love the smaller (half-page) size, too!"

I hope your students love creating memories of their kindergarten year as much as my students did. 

While you are here, take a look at this FREEBIE that shows progress throughout the school year. It also makes a great keepsake for parents.


I hope you have a great end of the year at school and a great summer!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Progress Through the Year! (PK-2) Back to School and End of Year!

It's so much fun looking back through student work samples and comparing their work from the beginning of their school year to their work at the end of the year. It is amazing to see their progress. I think that's why I love teaching kindergarten so much. I think kindergarten teachers see more progress than any other grade level in any particular year. 

This “Back to School: Progress Through the Year” pack is great for showing student progress throughout the school year in many areas. It shows progress in coloring, name writing, drawing self, family, and house, writing ABC’s and numbers, and drawing a picture and writing about it (writing pages include plain lines and dotted lines). 

Each area (skill) has 3 pages for the first and last days of school and a page that can be dated for use as needed throughout the school year. Four cover pages are included to allow for a variety of grade range use including preschool, kindergarten, first grade, and second grades.

This is great to save and bind together at the end of the school year. It makes a great keepsake for parents. It is so much fun seeing and showing the students and parents the progress the students made in the different skills throughout the year.

Here are a few of these pages in action. My students had a blast when I called them up to me individually at the end of the year to see their progress since the beginning of the year. I loved seeing their smiles when they saw how much they had learned. Take a look!

Cover pages are available for preschool, kindergarten, first grade, and second grade!


This one didn't have much room to improve on coloring, but this student added details by adding the bus driver and student in the seats. Too cute!

This student did an awesome job at the beginning and end of the year, but you can tell at the end of the year that her pictures were smaller and a little more detailed with labels on the drawings. 


This student could not write anything at the beginning of the year and told me that she didn't know how to write, but you can see her progress at the end of the year in the photo below.

She wrote: The fair 
"I went to the fair with mama and my cousin and my sisters. My sisters rode on a ride with me. My sisters rode on a ride too. I caught a fake fish. I won a purple tiger. I got cotton candy" (on back). She also wrote 2 or 3 more sentences on the back of her paper. I was so excited to see how far she had come during the school year! 

This shows great writing progress also. Her beginning of the year writing included copying another student's name from their name tag and adding other letters not making sense. You can tell she wrote a story at the end of the year. This is what her story says. "This ladybug is hurt. A rock has hit him. I will take him to the bug store so he can get well." 
That was so cute to me and I love her picture. She said that she had really helped a hurt ladybug. 
Too cute!

Below shows another one for the end of the year. I also took a picture to show how much more she added to her story on the back.  

"One day there was a elephant. He didn't have no friends." (continued on next page)

"Then out of nowhere came a puppy. His name was Pup. The elephant's name was Diego. The elephant said I don't have any friends. Me either said the pup. They had so much fun! The are friends!" 
I thought that story was cute also! 

I hope you had as much fun as I did seeing the progress my students made from the beginning of the year to the end. This makes a great keepsake for the parents. 

You can also get a FREEBIE SAMPLE of this resource by clicking on the photo below!

I hope you have fun seeing the progress in your students.