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Friday, April 24, 2015

Fix It Up Sentences (May) ($1.00 for 3 days only!)

Woo Hoo! Only 20 more days of school after this week of spring break (late for us). I am counting down the days! I hope you are in the same boat as me! If not, hang in there! It's coming!

Here is my Fix It Up Sentence pack for May to help get you through these last days of school! These Fix It Up Sentences are great for introducing or reviewing capital letters and ending punctuation. The students have to rewrite each sentence correctly by starting each sentence with a capital letter and putting the correct ending punctuation.

This Fix It Up Sentence pack will help prepare your students with the reading and writing skills they need. Students must be able to read each sentence in order to put the correct ending punctuation to see if the sentence is telling, asking a question, or showing excitement. It also checks for reading comprehension because at the bottom, the directions tell the students to draw a picture of the story on the back of their paper. Students must be able to read the sentences which create a story when read together and understand what they are reading to be able to draw a matching picture on the back. For kindergarten, it makes great morning work, homework, or literacy center activities or independent reading/writing work for first and second graders depending on the level of your students.

The following is a PREVIEW of the pack.  

Fix It Up Sentences (May)

This Fix It Up Sentence Pack is connected to the CCGPS ELACCKL2a: Capitalize the first word in a sentence and the pronoun I. This packet contains 10 pages. Each page has a simple story on it including five sentences. The ten stories are about seeds, flowers, garden bag, butterflies, garden gloves, planting, growing, watering can, and a wheelbarrow. The sentences are not written correctly. The first letter in each sentence has not been capitalized and the ending punctuation is missing. Have your students rewrite each sentence correctly. Begin each sentence with a capital letter and add the correct ending punctuation. The sentences used contain frequently used sight words, decodable words that students should be able to read, and a few other common nouns that students see often. These activities are great for morning work, literacy centers, homework or for a quick mini lesson on including capital letters and ending punctuation in sentences. Students can read the story to a partner or to the teacher after correcting the sentences. Students could also add other details to the story using the back of their paper. 

Take a look at the PREVIEW to see all pages included. 

I hope your students enjoy "fixing" the sentences. I always tell them that the person who made the sentences did not know how to write sentences correctly and that they have to be the teacher and correct the sentences. They have so much fun with these, and I hope your students do too!

This Fix It Up Sentences (May)  pack is available for 
ONLY $1.00 for 3 days!
Friday, April 24th
Saturday, April 25th &
Sunday, April 26th

You can click on the preview photo above to access it or click HERE! 

I hope your students ENJOY this May Fix It Up Sentence Pack. 

You can find many more Fix It Up Sentence packs HERE! They are available for most months including summer which makes a great addition to a summer review pack to send home with students. 

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Thursday, April 2, 2015


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Here is a little information about my FREEBIE.

The first page (below) is an addition word problem. Students solve the problem using a variety of strategies including a drawing, number line, ten frame, and an equation.

Page 2 requires students to fill in the ten frames by coloring the correct number of squares to match the numbers given (11,12, 13, 14, 19).

Page 3 is an opinion writing activity. Students circle the picture to show whether they like the butterfly or grasshopper better. Then they write to tell which they like better and why they like it better.

Page 4 has the pictures cap, bug, cat, and hen with the matching word written with missing vowels. Students complete the word by filling in the missing vowels.

I hope you and your students enjoy this FREEBIE
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