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Monday, December 30, 2013

Opinion Writing FREEBIE!

How many of you are starting the new year off by teaching opinion writing during your writing workshop segment? That's the type of writing my school focuses on for the 3rd quarter of the school year. Students love to give their opinion on lots of topics. Start your new year with this writing freebie!

Click on the photo below to download. Please be sure to leave me some feedback after downloading on TPT. Thanks!
Also, if you need more opinion writing topics, I have several to choose from. Take a look below or visit my store for many more topics. Just click on the pictures below. If you have any other ideas for opinion writing topics, please share and I'll be happy to try to make them. :)
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Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Teachers Pay Teachers

Do you create products for your classroom? If your answer is YES, and if you would like to earn some extra money, Teachers Pay Teachers may be for you.

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013


I'm having a SALE! Everyone loves a sale!
Is there something from my TPT store that you've seen and been watching? Well, take a look and your wish might be on sale...addition and subtraction word problems, emergent readers, writing picture prompts and much more!
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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Thanksgiving Graphic Organizer FREEBIE

I can't believe Thanksgiving is just right around the corner. I can smell those pecan pies baking now. I guess the diet will begin next year.
Anyway, I plan to read about "The First Thanksgiving" this week. I always have my students plan before they right, yes, even kindergarten students can plan their writing, especially if you teach them how to do it. My kiddos did a super job on their Bald Eagle books and their Pumpkin books last week after planning before they wrote.
I thought I would give you another FREEBIE (yeah)! Everyone loves freebies! This is the graphic organizer I plan to use with my students for their planning after we read and research about the first Thanksgiving. We will list words to make a Thanksgiving web including any words we think about when discussing the first Thanksgiving. I included a few graphics to help them remember the words they were writing. They can add more graphics if they choose to as they write words. See how many words/phrases they can write. You can write with them on chart paper and discuss the spelling  together or have them use their invented spelling to create their own organizers. You may want to do it together in the beginning and then let them do others on their own later in the school year.  
If you want this FREEBIE, click on the link below. Consider following me in my store to be notified when I post FREEBIES and new products. The clip art below is from They have some of the cutest clip art.

They will use their graphic organizers to write their "First Thanksgiving" book this week. I'll try to post some samples of their writing later. ENJOY!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Fix-It Up Sentences (Capital Letters and Ending Punctuation) FREEBIES Included

Students love finding mistakes I make. It makes them feel so important. Students also love finding the mistakes in these "fix it up" packets. I tell them that someone made a lot of mistakes when they wrote these sentences and that they need to find the mistakes and fix them.

This packet covers the following common core standard:

K.L.2. Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English capitalization, punctuation, and spelling when writing.
     a. Capitalize the first word in a sentence and the pronoun I.
     b. Recognize and name end punctuation.

If you love this, take a look at the two FREEBIES I am providing below. Enjoy! Please leave me a comment. I love hearing from you!

Click on the product below to download the Thanksgiving FREEBIE and take a look at my other packets including the same standard.
Click on the product below to download the Christmas FREEBIE and take a look at my other packets including the same standard.

Other Fix It Up Sentence Packs:

I hope your students enjoy "fixing up" each sentence. Enjoy!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Sight Word Practice

How do you introduce and teach sight words each week? Our school system begins teaching sight words the first week of school. We introduce 3-4 words each week. We teach around 77 sight words during the kindergarten year.
We begin each day with sight word practice. I have a student tell me one word, tell how many letters are in the word, name the vowel(s) in the word and tell if the vowel is long or short, and tell if the word has any chunks (little words or special sounds we have learned). Then we spell the word while a student comes up to the board to make the word with magnetic letters (pictured below). Then we clap (consonants) and snap (vowels) the word.
After this, we write a sentence with each word wall word (pictured below). As I write the sentence, students write the same sentence on dry erase boards. As we write the sentence, we discuss capital letters at the beginning of each sentence, finger spaces between words, periods (ending punctuation) at the end of sentences, spelling sight words correctly by looking at the word wall, and stretching all other words to see what sounds we hear. Students are getting hands-on experience while doing this as well as guided/modeled writing practice. We constantly discuss what good writers do as we write each sentence.

After we write the sentences, we circle all the words we should know (sight words) and underline any chunks in the words such as "at" in cat. We also discussed how to change our sight word "like" to bike by changing the first letter (rhyming words). There is so much you can teach during this sight word practice. Then students touch the words on their dry erase boards as we read the sentences together.
**A great tip for storing dry erase boards. Use gallon zip-loc bags to store dry erase boards along with a marker and eraser. A small square of black felt works great for an eraser. This keeps the board, marker, and eraser all together in a bag and makes handing them out and picking them back up a snap.
At least once or twice a week, we do this same strategy of writing sentences with our weekly sight words except students write the sentences with paper and pencil (guided) as I write the sentences projected on the promethean board with the document camera. I love the document camera!
If you need some sight word practice or sentence writing practice with sight words, click on the links below. Thanks!
Word Wall Words (Sight Words) Sentence Writing (Pack 1)

Word Wall Words (Sight Word) Sentence Writing (Pack 2) - 6 pages
Sight Word Practice (Set 1) (Common Core)
 These sight word practice sets come in sets 1, 2, and 3. They also come in a bundle with all 3 sets.
This sight word practice below is great for a literacy center. Students read the words, stamp the words, and write a sentence with each word.
Sight Word Practice: Read, Write, & Stamp (Write Sentences) 76 sight words

The following sight word set is great to put in a writing center. My students love the sentence starters.

I like to play with my dog. My dog is black. I play at the park. My dog's name is Puffy.

After students write, we discuss details. If anyone still has questions about the writing, the writer did not include enough details such as the color of the animal or the animal's name. Students are also taught to use the question words as they write: where did you play, who did you play with, when did you play, what did you play, or why did you play? My students have become great detectives at finding details the writer has left out. This really makes the writer think as they are writing to try to include as many details as possible.
To get this pack of sentence starters (sentence stems) for a possible writing center or mini lesson, click on the product below.
This set includes 101 pages such as "I see my...".
I hope you found something helpful as you teach your students sight words. Please share some of your strategies for teaching sight words in the comments below.
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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Kindergarten Writing - Making Books - The Bald Eagle

Wow! I can't believe we have completed the first quarter of school. These little ones have learned so much. I love teaching writing, and I am so excited that my kindergarten students are writing books only after being in school for 3 months. It is amazing at what these young students can do when you have high expectations of them. After reading informational books on the Bald Eagle (part of our Language Arts Frameworks), we created a chart (shown below) providing information about the Bald Eagle. This chart helped students put the information into sentences. The students made individual charts as I made this large one on chart paper. They used their charts as they wrote their sentences for their book. Other than having this chart as a resource, their writing is done independently. Take a look at out hallway display and their writing samples below.

Here is the first book writing sample: The Bald Eagle (I love their cover pages!)
The Bald Eagle (cover page)
The Bald Eagle has a white head and a tail. It is a good hunter.
You can not shoot Eagles. (pg. 1)
The Bald Eagle can eat fish. The Bald Eagle flied (flies) 100 mph.
The Bald Eagle has a brown feather. (pg. 4)
The Bald Eagle can fly fast. The Bald Eagle can swim.
The Bald Eagle has brown feathers.
The Bald Eagle eats dead stuff. The Bald Eagle is strong.
The Bald Eagle has yellow eyes. (pgs 2-3)
Now for the second sample:
The Bald Eagle (cover page)
The Bald Eagle can swim. It is large. It has sharp claws.
You can not shoot a(n) Eagle. (pg. 1)
It can go 100 mph. The Bald Eagle has yellow eyes. It's favorite food is fish.
The Bald Eagle can see. It has white on it's head and tail.
The rest of the Bald Eagle's feathers are brown. (pgs 2-3)
I love the Bald Eagle. You can not shoot a Bald Eagle.
It is a protected bird. (pg. 4)
These students were so excited about being authors and illustrators. After writing their books, we put them under the document camera to share with the class on the Promethean board while the author read their book using the microphone. Every student was eager to share their book.
We went on a field trip this week, and today students wrote books about our field trip. More writing samples coming soon! Stay tuned for future samples.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Kindergarten Classroom Preview

Wow! It's almost time for the little ones to come through my door. I've only had the chance to work in my room for a few hours. Teachers officially begin next Tuesday and our students come on Friday. I am off to a great start. Today I took a few pictures of my classroom to show the setup and arrangement of part of it. Most of it is still a mess. I hope you enjoy my pictures and most of all, I hope it may spark an idea for you and your classroom. Enjoy!

This is a view of my classroom door. I created a ladybug. How cute! Of course, I got the idea off of pinterest.

Next is a view of the numbers my students line up on. This really helps keep down confusion. I assign each student a number at the beginning of the year and they keep that number all year. They line up on it and everything that belongs to them has that number written on it. I choose to use black and red dots to go with my "ladybug" theme.

I chose red and black dots for my bookbag hangers also. These hangers are so close together. I wish we had more room.

These are my wonderful kinderlinks. I have these instead of just tables. Students can sit on the floor crisscross, on their knees, or legs stretched out under them and the kinderlink top functions as a desk where students do their work. Students can also sit on top as a seat if needed. They are wonderful. I don't have students leaning chairs back and falling out of chairs all day. I can move them around if I need to relocate students. I can stand at one kinderlink and see what everyone is doing at once. They can be taken apart and arranged into groups. I do have another small reading/math group area that I will post later that has 8 hooked together. Some are even green and yellow. These can be stacked when not in use. I will be adding these cute ladybug nameplates that I ordered from (check below) when they arrive. I can't wait!
Cute ladybug nameplates I ordered from
This shows my behavior chart and my classroom rules posted. I got both of these ideas off of Pinterest. I love Pinterest!
Here is a view of my window showing my "curtain" I made using bulletin board paper, border, and dots.
More to come...stay tuned!


Friday, July 19, 2013

Student Information Sheet (FREEBIE)

It's almost that time of year again. The beginning of the school year involves so much planning and decision making. I thought I would help make your life a little easier by posting this student information sheet for you. This sheet gives all the necessary information we need on our students for the year. Have parents fill them out at open house or send them home in the student packet at the beginning of the year for parents to fill out and return. It's a great idea to print them on a bright colored cardstock so that they last all year and you can find them easily with the bright color. You can even laminate them if you'd like to. Then punch a hole in the corner of each and put them on a ring and hang them by your classroom door or place them where they are convenient for you. The information sheet is set up to provide two per page. Just cut in half and you are ready to go. I hope this small item helps make the beginning of your year a little easier.

Just click on the link below to download the student information sheet. Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Collaborative Pinterest Boards - Kindergarten Writing, Reading, and Math

Pinterest Boards
Collaborative Pinterest Board for Kindergarten Teachers or TPT and TN Sellers of Writing, Reading, and Math Items
I have set up a Collaborative Pinterest Board for Kindergarten Writing, Reading, and Math. I will add more collaborative boards in the future.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are a TPT or TN seller and you would like to be a contributor, you can use this for both free and paid products, but please include that it is a paid product in the description when you post it. TPT and TN items and blog posts are welcome, but please keep it grade specific.
If you are a Kindergarten Teacher, TPT or TN seller of Kindergarten Writing items and would like to be added to this board, you can do so by following me on Pinterest or following this board on Pinterest, and then leaving a comment with your Pinterest URL below, and I will add you. Thanks for participating!

Background below from


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

OPEN HOUSE - Hassle Free

I know it is summer time and teachers hate to even think about this right now, but before we know it, the first day of school will be here. With all the running around trying to get your classroom ready for those eager little ones, open house can be very hectic. It seems as though all the parents arrive at one time while you are trying to greet parents and students, answer questions, and get forms filled out and signed which makes open house a little overwhelming at times. While doing all of this, we must continue to smile and be organized. 
I created this FREE PowerPoint to make open house a little less chaotic. This PowerPoint allows parents to see what they need to do before leaving your classroom at open house. It also gives parents important information they can be reading while they are waiting for their opportunity to talk with you which will also help reduce the number of questions they have for you. This PowerPoint contains important information about name tags, lunch numbers, arrival times, developing independence, bookbags, lunch times and prices, student behavior, and dismissal times. Hopefully this will give you an idea of how to make your open house more effective and smooth sailing. To make it even easier, this open house PowerPoint is editable so that you can delete or create changes to make it appropriate for your school and classroom. If you find this useful, please leave me a comment below. Thank you for stopping by!

Click on the pictures below to download the FREE editable Open House PowerPoint!
and much MORE!!