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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Kindergarten Writing - Making Books - The Bald Eagle

Wow! I can't believe we have completed the first quarter of school. These little ones have learned so much. I love teaching writing, and I am so excited that my kindergarten students are writing books only after being in school for 3 months. It is amazing at what these young students can do when you have high expectations of them. After reading informational books on the Bald Eagle (part of our Language Arts Frameworks), we created a chart (shown below) providing information about the Bald Eagle. This chart helped students put the information into sentences. The students made individual charts as I made this large one on chart paper. They used their charts as they wrote their sentences for their book. Other than having this chart as a resource, their writing is done independently. Take a look at out hallway display and their writing samples below.

Here is the first book writing sample: The Bald Eagle (I love their cover pages!)
The Bald Eagle (cover page)
The Bald Eagle has a white head and a tail. It is a good hunter.
You can not shoot Eagles. (pg. 1)
The Bald Eagle can eat fish. The Bald Eagle flied (flies) 100 mph.
The Bald Eagle has a brown feather. (pg. 4)
The Bald Eagle can fly fast. The Bald Eagle can swim.
The Bald Eagle has brown feathers.
The Bald Eagle eats dead stuff. The Bald Eagle is strong.
The Bald Eagle has yellow eyes. (pgs 2-3)
Now for the second sample:
The Bald Eagle (cover page)
The Bald Eagle can swim. It is large. It has sharp claws.
You can not shoot a(n) Eagle. (pg. 1)
It can go 100 mph. The Bald Eagle has yellow eyes. It's favorite food is fish.
The Bald Eagle can see. It has white on it's head and tail.
The rest of the Bald Eagle's feathers are brown. (pgs 2-3)
I love the Bald Eagle. You can not shoot a Bald Eagle.
It is a protected bird. (pg. 4)
These students were so excited about being authors and illustrators. After writing their books, we put them under the document camera to share with the class on the Promethean board while the author read their book using the microphone. Every student was eager to share their book.
We went on a field trip this week, and today students wrote books about our field trip. More writing samples coming soon! Stay tuned for future samples.

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