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Saturday, May 14, 2016


Woo Hoo! I'm so excited and thankful for all of you for your support! 

Language Arts and Math FREEBIE – Here’s a FREEBIE for you to help celebrate reaching my 2nd TPT MILESTONE. This milestone was made possible by the support from all of my followers through your purchases and feedback. Thanks to everyone for helping me achieve this milestone. In celebration of this achievement, I have created this new eight page freebie to share with everyone as my way of saying “THANK YOU” for supporting my store.

This eight page freebie sampler includes language arts and math skills from the following resources available in my store. These resources include writing (tell a story), reading comprehension (Who? What? Where?), fix it up sentences, scrambled sentences, morning work, addition word problems, subtraction problems with manipulatives, and ten frames 11-20.

***This sampler also includes links throughout the pack to similar resources that you may find useful for your classroom. When printing, to save on ink, make sure to only print every other page (even pages).

Click on any of the photos below to view this FREEBIE! 

I hope you find all of these resources to be useful for your students in your classroom. Please leave me some feedback on this freebie. I love reading your comments. 

Thanks again to everyone who has supported my store. Also thanks to TPT for the opportunity that you provide for me and other teachers to create and share our teaching resources with others as we provide for our families. Finally, I would like to thank the many talented creators of clip art on TPT. Without you, these creations would not be possible.

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