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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Kindergarten Classroom Preview

Wow! It's almost time for the little ones to come through my door. I've only had the chance to work in my room for a few hours. Teachers officially begin next Tuesday and our students come on Friday. I am off to a great start. Today I took a few pictures of my classroom to show the setup and arrangement of part of it. Most of it is still a mess. I hope you enjoy my pictures and most of all, I hope it may spark an idea for you and your classroom. Enjoy!

This is a view of my classroom door. I created a ladybug. How cute! Of course, I got the idea off of pinterest.

Next is a view of the numbers my students line up on. This really helps keep down confusion. I assign each student a number at the beginning of the year and they keep that number all year. They line up on it and everything that belongs to them has that number written on it. I choose to use black and red dots to go with my "ladybug" theme.

I chose red and black dots for my bookbag hangers also. These hangers are so close together. I wish we had more room.

These are my wonderful kinderlinks. I have these instead of just tables. Students can sit on the floor crisscross, on their knees, or legs stretched out under them and the kinderlink top functions as a desk where students do their work. Students can also sit on top as a seat if needed. They are wonderful. I don't have students leaning chairs back and falling out of chairs all day. I can move them around if I need to relocate students. I can stand at one kinderlink and see what everyone is doing at once. They can be taken apart and arranged into groups. I do have another small reading/math group area that I will post later that has 8 hooked together. Some are even green and yellow. These can be stacked when not in use. I will be adding these cute ladybug nameplates that I ordered from (check below) when they arrive. I can't wait!
Cute ladybug nameplates I ordered from
This shows my behavior chart and my classroom rules posted. I got both of these ideas off of Pinterest. I love Pinterest!
Here is a view of my window showing my "curtain" I made using bulletin board paper, border, and dots.
More to come...stay tuned!



  1. Hey there, I'm not sure when you posted this. But I am beginning this year as a kinder teacher! I am so excited (and okay a little scared) but to be honest I stumbled upon your blog from pinterest and I must say I LOVE the little stool like things that you've been using as desks! I believe it is wonderful!! Anyway, I searched kinderlinks as you called them and could find anything... any information as to where they can be purchased?


  2. Hey Ashley! You will enjoy kindergarten. I am beginning my 20th year next week. I LOVE my kinderlinks. My school purchased these years ago, but I'm not sure where. I just did some research to try to find them. The only site I found them on was this auction in CA. The link is below. I'm not sure if it's current or not. It shows a picture of the kinderlinks at the bottom of the post. Some are different colors. I have some of those in my small group area that I will post later. Good luck in finding them. If I come across them elsewhere, I will let you know. I hope you have a great year. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Ashley,
    On the bottom of the kinderlink picture, it shows produced by Skools, Inc. New York, NY Designed by Bashir Zivari. I hope this helps.

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  5. Thanks for stopping by. I will take a look at your website. Thanks for the information.

  6. OK so these Kinderlinks are awesome! What a neat idea to give the kinders some freedom and movement. I wonder if Virginia Public schools would allow something so unconventional? Maybe in 10 years when I am actually teaching I can try it. :)

    1. Thanks Kristy! The kinderlinks do allow the students some freedom and movement and I don't have to constantly say "put your chair down on all 4 legs" or worry about them falling out of their chair all day. You might just have to ask your school system and see. It probably depends on their budget situation. :) Thanks so much for your comment and thanks for stopping by! :)