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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

OPEN HOUSE - Hassle Free

I know it is summer time and teachers hate to even think about this right now, but before we know it, the first day of school will be here. With all the running around trying to get your classroom ready for those eager little ones, open house can be very hectic. It seems as though all the parents arrive at one time while you are trying to greet parents and students, answer questions, and get forms filled out and signed which makes open house a little overwhelming at times. While doing all of this, we must continue to smile and be organized. 
I created this FREE PowerPoint to make open house a little less chaotic. This PowerPoint allows parents to see what they need to do before leaving your classroom at open house. It also gives parents important information they can be reading while they are waiting for their opportunity to talk with you which will also help reduce the number of questions they have for you. This PowerPoint contains important information about name tags, lunch numbers, arrival times, developing independence, bookbags, lunch times and prices, student behavior, and dismissal times. Hopefully this will give you an idea of how to make your open house more effective and smooth sailing. To make it even easier, this open house PowerPoint is editable so that you can delete or create changes to make it appropriate for your school and classroom. If you find this useful, please leave me a comment below. Thank you for stopping by!

Click on the pictures below to download the FREE editable Open House PowerPoint!
and much MORE!!