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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Zoo Animal Literacy and Math Unit

Who doesn't LOVE going to the zoo? Even if you can't physically be at the zoo, you can at least pretend you are there and learn all about it from your classroom or home this summer. A trip to the zoo makes a great summer trip and creates lots of memories for children.

This a such a cute Zoo song to use to introduce the zoo animal theme to your students before, during, and after your unit and/or trip to the zoo. Click on the link below to enjoy! 

Cute Zoo Song (We're Going to the Zoo)

Zoo Animals Books

Here are a few zoo animals books that your students may enjoy before and after going to the zoo or learning about the zoo animals:
Never, Ever Shout in a Zoo, by Karma Wilson and Doug Cushman
Animal Strike at the Zoo,
by Karma Wilson and Margaret Spengler
Wild About Books,
by Judy Sierra and Marc Brown
Z is for Zookeeper,
by Marie and Roland Smith, and Henry Cole
The Wheels on the Bus,
by Jeanne Willis and Adam Stower
On the Loose in Boston,
by Sage Stossel
Never Play Music Right Next to the Zoo,
by John Lithgow and Leeza Hernandez
A Visit to the Zoo,
by Aliki
A Day at the Zoo,
by Sarah Harrison
Abc Zoo,
by Rod Campbell
The View at the Zoo,
by Kathleen Long Bostrom and Guy Francis

Here's also a few Zoo Animal crafts and recipes that your students are sure to enjoy!
 (from )

This Zoo product included will surely be loved by your students!

This Zoo Animal Literacy and Math Unit has lots to offer your students to ensure they are learning and having fun at the same time.

Begin by reading a story about "Our Day at the Zoo." This comes in a single page format or a multiple page format great for guided reading.
After reading the story, students can color the pictures and then complete the "Read and Write" by filling in the blanks to correctly complete each sentence to check for comprehension.

After reading informational books about each zoo animal, students can write to tell what they have learned about each animal in the Zoo Animal words book or on the sentence starter page. Other writing pages are also included

Phonics activities are also included allowing students to cut and glue animal pictures to the correct beginning sound and to match the animal picture to the animal name. Students can also write the name for each animal they have learned about. This allows the students to stretch each animal name and write what they hear. My students loved these activities.

Your students will also enjoy these writing topics:
Our Day at the Zoo:
Draw and write to tell about your favorite zoo animal.
If you were the zookeeper, what would you do to help the animals? Draw and write to tell.
Zoo Animal:

If you could be a zoo animal, which zoo animal would you like to be? Draw and write to tell your choice.

A math portion is also included with some simple addition (sums to 5) using zoo animal pictures.

Your students are sure to enjoy this Zoo Animal Literacy and Math Unit sold  HERE!

I hope your students enjoy learning about the ZOO!

Have fun teaching everyone!

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