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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Reading Comprehension: Who? What? How?

Wow! The third quarter of this school year is almost over. Time sure is flying by! Are your students ready for the next grade level? Have you prepared your students with the reading comprehension skills needed for success in the years ahead?

This reading comprehension packet on Who? What? and How? will help prepare your students with the reading comprehension skills they need. The short stories in this packet are also great for introducing close reading. Your kindergarten students should be ready for this resource by this time of the school year if they are meeting grade level expectations. If your students are still struggling, these short stories can be used for quick read alouds focusing on the Who? What? and How? questions included.  

This 7 page book is designed so that you can copy the book, cut it in half, staple, and then it is ready for use. If you would rather use each story separate, you can do that without putting it together in book format. The seven pages consist of a title page "Who? What? How?" with each of the remaining 6 pages including a short story with a matching black and white picture. Under each short story, there are three questions about the story. The three questions ask "Who? What? and How? questions about the story.

The following photos show some of the stories included in the packet.

These stories can be put together in booklet form as discussed above or individual sheets can be used. The story/questions are on a half sheet of paper.

No matter what format you decide to use, there are many uses for these stories/questions. They can be used in a kindergarten class with the teacher reading the story and questions to the students and having the students use invented spelling to write their answers. They can also be used for independent reading practice in first or second grade by letting students read the short story, read the questions, and answer the questions even if they have to look back in the story to find the answer. Looking back in the text to find the answer is part of the popular "close reading" strategies.  

These short stories are great for guided reading groups, homework, literacy center activities, independent reading, or for introducing close reading strategies.

I hope your students enjoy these stories and questions. If you like what you see in this product, it is currently available in my Reading Comprehension Bundle including 8 other reading comprehension books. This bundle offers a 15% SAVINGS! You can find the BUNDLE HERE!

I hope your students enjoy these stories and questions.

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I hope your students ENJOY this Reading Comprehension: Who? What? How? Pack. 

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