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Monday, February 10, 2014

Writing Center Ideas

Anyone need ideas for your writing center? My students love going to the writing center. They are eager to see what new ideas I have for them. Here are a few supplies that I have in my writing center. I have picture/word cards for students to use while they write, alphabet stamps for students to use in writing, lists of many topics with words and pictures, student names and pictures, as well as word wall lists. I have a variety of writing utensils including pencils, colored pencils, markers, and crayons. During the day, we always use our pencil when we write, but when students go to the writing center, they may choose their writing tools.
I also include seasonal/monthly packets for students to use in their writing. I have packets for most months of the year (currently making more) for my students to use. These packets contain seasonal/monthly picture prompts, how-to writing templates/topics, monthly word charts (in color for laminating), and sentence writing pages for seasonal pictures (3 words/pictures per page). These seasonal writing packets are a "big hit" with my students.
I almost forgot to mention my DIFFERENTIATION included in my writing center. Some students may not be at the writing level yet or may have poor fine motor skills, so my scrambled sentence packs (for most months, currently making more) are perfect for the lower level student during their writing center time. The sentence to match the picture is already there. Students simply unscramble the words to match the picture while finding the word with the capital letter for the beginning of the sentence and the word for the end of the sentence with the punctuation mark. Then students copy the sentence below it. Half of the sheets in the pack have dotted sentences for students to trace while the other half have a blank line for students to write the sentence independently. This also allows for DIFFERENTIATION.  
If focusing on the capital letters and ending punctuation, these scrambled sentences can also be used for any/all students in the classroom. There are so many uses for these scrambled sentences. They also work great for homework and morning work.
See some of the writing in action below. The first two pictures show the same picture prompt but with writing from different students. These picture prompts are from my seasonal writing packets. One student chose to write with a marker while the other student chose to use a pencil. The third picture shows the scrambled sentence sheet. Students love both of these activities.
If you are interested in using either of these in your classroom, you can find the February Writing Center Packet HERE and the February Scrambled Sentences HERE. If you would rather have the January sets, they are available also in the links below. I'll be making these packets for each month, so be sure to follow my blog or TPT Store to be notified when I post new products or FREEBIES. You can also "LIKE" me on Facebook for notifications and for


  1. I love this post. We write in every subject every and I love it. :o) Thanks for sharing.

    1. You are welcome. You sound like me. My students write about everything they do. Keep in touch. I have more writing posts coming. Thanks for stopping by!