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Friday, November 14, 2014

Cultural Arts Day - Jerome Roams From Home (Patricia Maness -Children's Author/Illustrator)

Our students had a BLAST at Cultural Arts Day today. We were blessed to meet a great children's author/illustrator, Patricia Maness, from Alabama as she shared her book "Jerome Roams From Home!" This is such a cute story with lots of rhyming and simple but oh, so very cute illustrations. Check out her Facebook page and give her a "LIKE" to see where Jerome will roam next.

You can find her book on AMAZON!
"Jerome loves to travel. Jerome is not your typical RV. Driving over mountains and through valleys and fields of beautiful sunflowers seeking adventure and making new friends along the way" (Amazon).
Check out Jerome today!


  1. JEROME and I enjoyed our visit with you yesterday! Thank you VERY much for sharing us on Dr. Clements' Kindergarten blog! We hope to see you again and share more adventures!

    1. Great! You are welcome! We can't wait to share in your next adventures!