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Monday, December 1, 2014

Beginning Sounds (December)

It's beginning to look a lot like least at everyone else's house. I haven't found the time to get out my Christmas decorations yet. How about you?

I can't believe we only have three weeks until Christmas Break! I think I get more excited than the students at this time of the year.

We will have taught every letter of the alphabet before Christmas break ends. Hopefully you have taught most of them too, so here's some practice for beginning letter sounds and a great deal too. Students get so excited when they start seeing pictures of Santa, Christmas trees, and gifts. This simple beginning sounds pack allows students to enjoy Christmas as well as show their knowledge of beginning sounds. The following photos show 2 of the 4 included pages.
The teacher should name each picture so that the students are familiar with the pictures. The product description names each picture if you are unsure of any of them.
To add more skills and to include different levels of activities, students can label the pictures after cutting and gluing the letter for the beginning sound. You can see in the pictures below that some students did label their pictures. I love seeing how they sound out their words. Then students can color the Christmas pictures. Also, for those students who are ready, they can write a sentence for each picture on the back of their paper, using good writing skills, of course. I get so excited when I can read everything a student has written without them having to read their writing to me. They get excited too when I can read it. They always say, "How do you know what that said?" I always reply with, "Well, you did such a super job stretching and sounds out your words that I could read it." That makes them so proud of their work.
Take a look at one of these four sheets in action showing the different activities they can do with it (cutting and gluing beginning sounds, labeling pictures, coloring, and writing sentences). The students had a blast with these Christmas pictures, and I hope your students do, too! ENJOY!
They really seemed to enjoy coloring these Christmas pictures after cutting and gluing the beginning sounds.

I love how these two students labeled each picture.
The pictures below show two students who went the extra mile to write a sentence on the back of their paper for each picture shown. My students know that they are not to just sit and do nothing. I always tell them that there is always more they can add.
1. I got a hat. 2 My reindeer is brown. 3. Santa is big. 4. The elf is here. 5. My star is yellow. 6. My candle is black.
1. I can put on the hat. 2. The reindeer can go fast. 3 Santa Claus gives me something. 4. I see the star in the sky. 5. I light up my candle. 5 Elves make toys.
I hope your students enjoy this beginning sounds activity for December.

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You can click on any of the photos above to access it or click HERE
I hope your students ENJOY this Beginning Sounds (December) pack. 
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