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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Students Creating Christmas Gifts for Parents

If you are like me, you are swamped with testing for the end of the quarter as well as trying to work in some fun Christmas activities and crafts. Here are the parent gifts my students made this year. 

They made a Rudolph card by tracing and cutting out their hands, some eyes, and a red nose and gluing a Christmas poem inside. Then the students made 2 ornaments for keepsakes for their parents. One was a foam train engine shape with their picture in it. The students chose Christmas shapes to decorate their train. The second ornament was simply a brown handprint with wiggle eyes and a red nose for Rudolph. 

The students colored a Christmas tree to decorate the front of a brown paper bag to use for wrapping their two ornaments. This was so much easier than what we normally do. When time is a factor, you definitely have to be flexible.

I hope you and your students have fun creating your parent gifts this year!


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