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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Students Creating Christmas Gifts for Parents

If you are like me, you are swamped with testing for the end of the quarter as well as trying to work in some fun Christmas activities and crafts. Here are the parent gifts my students made this year. 

They made a Rudolph card by tracing and cutting out their hands, some eyes, and a red nose and gluing a Christmas poem inside. Then the students made 2 ornaments for keepsakes for their parents. One was a foam train engine shape with their picture in it. The students chose Christmas shapes to decorate their train. The second ornament was simply a brown handprint with wiggle eyes and a red nose for Rudolph. 

The students colored a Christmas tree to decorate the front of a brown paper bag to use for wrapping their two ornaments. This was so much easier than what we normally do. When time is a factor, you definitely have to be flexible.

I hope you and your students have fun creating your parent gifts this year!


Friday, December 11, 2015

Gingerbread Man Activities (Kindergarten)

My students had a BLAST with these gingerbread man activities! We read five different versions of the Gingerbread Man and compared the different versions. They loved it! 

My students also wrote to retell the beginning, middle, and ending of the Gingerbread Man! I thought they did an awesome job! Here are books two students created. 

I love her speech bubble saying, "Don't open the door" on her cover page. 

The woman cooked a gingerbread man.

The gingerbread man went out the door. All of the people ran after him. (Can't catch me, I am the gingerbread man.)

The fox gobbled the gingerbread man up! 

I thought she did a super job. She even made her own little ending! I love it!

I love the bright colors on the cover page of this book. We talk about making our covers bright and catchy so that someone would want to read our story.

The woman made a gingerbread man!

He hopped out of the oven. He went to the door. And he went to open the door. All of the people chased him! He kept on running.

The fox tricked him! Everybody was sad. The fox ate him!

I love reading their stories. They wrote these completely independently, and I am proud of the great authors they are becoming.

We also added some math as we sequenced numbers 11-20 with gingerbread cookies. They loved coloring their gingerbread cookies and putting them in order.

Aren't they precious? I love how this student made it so colorful!

They all did such a great job putting them in order. 

Gingerbread Cookie - Numbers (0-20) and Number Words (zero

This pack also has numbers 0-10 and number words zero-ten included to provide for differentiation! A colored set is also included for a great math center! 

We also made these cute gingerbread headbands to wear to lunch today. This was a huge hit! 

This is a cute activity from The Education Center. They did such a great job coloring their headband pieces. 

We have more gingerbread activities planned for next week. 

I hope you and your students are able to have some gingerbread FUN! 

Hang in there! Only 5 more days for me before CHRISTmas break! How about you?

Merry CHRISTmas!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Letters to SANTA! (Kindergarten Writing)

Have your students written their letters to Santa yet? My students wrote their letters this week. They had fun choosing from the different letter templates which are also differentiated. They were so excited! They had so many gift requests, but I only let them ask Santa for three gifts. They also wanted to ask Santa so many questions. Here are a couple of the letters my students wrote! 

Dear Santa, 
I have been a good girl. Santa, please give me a bicycle. Santa please give me a cat toy and a new helmet. I love Rudolph! I will give you some cookies and milk. 
Your Friend, _________

Dear Santa,
I am being a good girl from now on! I want please Santa, a gingerbread man, a cute puppy. Please Santa and my friends and family to be happy. I love you! I will leave you presents.
Love, ___________

I'm so excited that they are at this level of writing independently. I can't wait to see what their writing will look like by the end of the year. 

If you are interested in these templates and even more varieties, you can find them HERE!

Santa Letters (Templates)

I hope your students have fun writing their letters to Santa! 

Merry Christmas!