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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Mother's Day Emergent Reader (Interactive with writing prompts)

Mother's Day is just around the corner! Have your students created their Mother's Day surprise? I always try to find something that the students actually do more of on their own rather than something that requires more work out of the teacher and becomes the teacher's work. When my boys were little, I always loved getting gifts from them that had their writing and drawings, so I try to have my students create these types of gifts also. 

This 16 page Mother's Day Emergent Reader is interactive allowing students to complete the sentence as they write to tell special things about their mom and by adding a drawing to match their sentence. It's always so much fun reading what they write and looking at their cute drawings.

Take a look at some of the pages from this Mother's Day Emergent Reader below with work from four or five of my students in action! This resource includes 16 pages (not all are shown below).

(This student is such a great little artist.)

"My mom likes to eat shrimp and spaghetti." 
(I love her spelling for shrimp and spaghetti.)

"My mom likes to eat watermelon like me."

"Her favorite color is green."

"She likes to shop at the mall and buy clothes."

"She works at home." 
(I love her broom and dustpan.)

"She works at CVS."

"She cooks me breakfast." 
(I love her detailed drawing and her speech bubbles.)

"She cooks macaroni. I love what she cooks." 
(How sweet!)

"My mom likes to play tic-tac-toe."

"My mom likes to play with me outside."

(I love her hearts.)

(another speech  bubble)

I hope you enjoyed seeing my student work on their Mother's Day Emergent Readers as much as I did. I hope you and your students find something to create to surprise their mothers. 

I you are interested in this Mother's Day Emergent Reader, you can find it in my three stores at the links below.

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Thanks for stopping by! 

Leave me a comment below telling what your students create for their moms!

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