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Monday, April 25, 2016

Plants: Planting Seeds and Writing about Plant Parts

Today was our first day back after our late spring break. We only have four weeks left of school, so we got busy planting today. We started discussing plants during the week before our spring break, so the students already had an overview of plants. 

The students planted sunflower seeds in plastic cups, and then they also put lima beans in a zip-loc bag with a wet paper towel. Hopefully they will be able to see all of the plant parts that we have been discussing when our seeds sprout.

My students love writing. They are always asking, 
"When are we going to write?" So, you know what they had to do. That's right. They are writing about plants. I have a great series of books on each plant part. So far, we have read and written about the roots, stem, and leaves. For the remainder of this week, we will write about flowers and seeds. 

Here are a few of their writing samples on plant parts that they wrote after we discussed our informational book. I am super excited about my writers this year. I think they are doing an awesome job! 

"Roots keep plants from rolling away. Carrots are a root to eat. Roots are under ground. Water lilies roots are in mud too. Roots help plants grow." (I love her carrot picture!)

"Roots help plants get water and nutrients. Water lilies have roots that are in the mud so the plant can not float away."

"Stems are like a straw. Stems are different sizes. Stems can be celery. Stems are awesome. You can eat stems" (on back of paper). 

"Plants need sun and air and water. Plants need leaves. Leaves give the plant food. You can eat leaves like lettuce. Leaves have veins." 
(I like how this student labeled what leaves need in order to make food in her picture.)

"Lettuce is a leaf that you can eat. Leaves give food to the plant. The leaves need sun, air, and water. Leaves help plants grow. Leaves need air so they can grow." 

Great job, students! 

Hopefully I can update or add another post when we finish with flowers and seeds.

I hope you enjoyed reading the writing of some of my students. I hope your students enjoy writing about plant parts as much as my students did. 

Leave me a comment below stating what your class is doing as they learn about plants. I love to read your comments!

Thank you for stopping by!

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