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Monday, June 4, 2018

Summer Reading Tips (FREEBIES Included)

Summer Reading Tips

Who wants to read in the summer when you are on break from school? Not me! At least that’s how some students feel during summer time. When students don’t read during the summer, they lose some of their reading performance and this builds up over time. Here are a few ways to help encourage your child to continue the habit of reading during the summer months.

Start by visiting your local library to check out books with your child if you don’t have many available at home. Let your child pick out books that interest them. You don’t have to read all day. Just be sure your child reads at least 20 minutes each day. Make reading fun by going to the park and laying on a blanket as they read or reading after a picnic lunch. Set a good example by reading something such as the newspaper or a magazine during the time your child is reading each day. Reading to and with your child provides time for you to interact with your child and ask your child questions about what you are reading. Ask questions such as “What do you think is going to happen next?” “What did you notice?” “What was your favorite part of the story?” or “What are you wondering as you read?” Reading with your child shows your child that reading is important and that they are important when you are interacting with them during reading. You can also incorporate reading while following recipes or while driving down the road and reading signs or looking for certain letters. Instead of demanding a set bedtime or naptime, allow your child to take a book to bed and read until they fall asleep.

No matter what you read, where you read or when
you read, make reading fun and your child will 
develop a habit of reading. Then you won't even have to ask them to read. Continue to read, read, and 
read some more during the summer to help your child accelerate their reading growth.

Here are some resources that may help prevent the summer slide!

Reading Comprehension: Who? What? Where?

Reading Comprehension: Where? When? Why?

Summer Bugs Reading Comprehension: Who? What? Where?

Pirates: Who? What? Where? Reading Comprehension (Cut and Paste)

Reading Comprehension: Answering with Pictures (Cut and Paste) (Set 1)

Reading Comprehension with Writing Response (Who? What? Where?)

The Race Read and Write (Cut and Paste) Close Reading

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Happy Reading!

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