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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Take time for yourself!

I don't know about you, but my summers seem to get shorter and shorter. School calendars change adding more breaks during the year, but making summer break a short, fast paced time to get a lot of things done. I get a few days of catching up on sleep, and then it seems I'm right back to the hustle of being a mom, wife, cook, Dr. Mom, appointment scheduler, house cleaner, grocery shopper, and errand runner, not to mention making resources for my store on TPT.

Summer for teachers, or for me anyway, seems to just be a transition from one job title to another. Whether it is scheduling annual exams for me and my family such as eye exams or a trip to the dentist, which always seem to need to be done during the summer break, or cleaning a little extra to try and get ahead of the the new school year, it is important to remember to take time for yourself!!

We all need a break, and let's face it, if we do not get it during summer, then it will probably not happen at all. Just today, I tried to schedule a pedicure, a gift card given to me for Mother's Day by my boys, and I was put on hold for over five minutes. Upon calling back, I kept getting a busy signal (forever)! So in the meantime, it's back to cleaning the house. I just called again and finally got it scheduled 12 days from today!

Be sure to make some time for yourself during the summer whether it's sleeping late, wearing PJ's all day or getting a pedicure. Other things to do to try and unwind a little are reading a good book, watching that TV marathon series you have been wanting to see, visiting family and friends, going on a date night, getting a beach trip or two in, going fishing, yard selling, or shopping. Just little things like going to the strawberry patch can give us a break. 

Make sure to do something for yourself, whether big or small, because summer will be over before you know it. Then it's time to put the teacher hat back on. 

Happy Summer!

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