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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Day 3 of Kindergarten!

Today was very overwhelming while we started our "Student Learning Outcomes" testing while keeping the other students busy at the same time. Much of this testing is one on one.

This is just a couple of the activities we completed throughout the day. The students drew a picture of themselves to go in their "Back to School: Progress Through the Year" portfolios at the end of the year. These photos were precious. Since they were drawing a picture of themselves, they also created their rainbow names (found on Pinterest, of course). Students loved outlining each letter in their name with the colors of the rainbow. 

These two names below are not the names of real students in my classroom. They were made up to share with you what we did today, and these two names were short compared to many in my classroom, but everyone completed their name. After making the rainbow names, students compared the number of letters in their names and found classmates who had the same letters in their name as they did.

The students had a blast drawing their pictures and making their rainbow names. 

If you are interested in this page in the "Back to School: Progress Through the Year," you can find it HERE

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