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Monday, August 10, 2015

Second Day of Kindergarten: Back to School Progress Through the Year!

Today we started on our "Back to School: Progress Through the Year" portfolio packets. It is always amazing to see the academic growth of kindergarten students throughout the year. Many students come into the classroom not knowing how to hold a pencil, much less knowing how to write a sentence with it, and then they leave at the end of their kindergarten year writing stories with a beginning, middle, and ending. That is so AMAZING to me and why I LOVE teaching kindergarten!

Today, we showed how we can write our name, color in the lines, draw a picture, and write a sentence about it. Take a look at two of our "works in progress." You can tell that we have a long way to go by looking at these samples, but I can't wait to see their progress in just a month or so, and then at the end of the school year. You can easily see the different beginning levels of students. 

If you would like to grab this Back to School Progress Through the Year pack, you can find it HERE

This “Back to School: Progress Through the Year” pack is great for showing student progress throughout the school year in many areas. It shows progress in coloring, name writing, drawing self, family, and house, writing ABC’s and numbers, and drawing a picture and writing about it (writing pages include plain lines and dotted lines). 
Each area (skill) has 3 pages for the first and last days of school and a page that can be dated for use as needed throughout the school year. Four cover pages are included to allow for a variety of grade range use including preschool, kindergarten, first grade, and second grades.
This is great to save and bind together at the end of the school year. It makes a great keepsake for parents. It is so much fun seeing and showing the students and parents the progress the students made in the different skills throughout the year.

I hope you ENJOY seeing the progress of your students throughout the year! I know your parents will treasure the end-of-the-year portfolios!

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