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Monday, August 31, 2015

Kindergarten Writing Ideas (Week 3) (Writing Samples)

My students are really loving to write this year. We talk about putting our thoughts on paper. I tell them that when we talk, our words just go into the air, but when we write, our ideas go on paper and can be read by a lot of people. We also talk about how fun writing is and that we are ALL writers!

We are teaching students to write about what they know. They can't write about things they do not have experience with. We made a chart showing ideas that we know about. 

Students can write about ideas from the chart or other things they know about. Before they write, I have a few students tell what they are going to write about. Then I choose one student's idea and model good writing with their idea. We discuss what good writer's do: start sentences with capital letters, use lowercase letters throughout the rest of the sentence, leave spaces between words with our space stick, put an ending punctuation mark, spell word wall words correctly, and stretch the other words. 

Here are a few student writing samples from week three. I am excited about how well these students are writing this early in the school year. 

My dog is going to play outside. He is brown.

I go to school and I love teacher. She is beautiful and Jonathan is my friend, you and me.

I like to play my Xbox 360 and I like to play my WWE (wrestling) game.

My friends are playing on the new playground and it was fun. I love it! 

I love how this last one even has labels and an ending. 

I can't wait to see how their writing grows during the school year. I will be sharing more about our writing throughout the school year. Stay tuned for future writing!

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